Therapy Shower Benefits

Much more than just another shower head, Therapy Shower delivers multiple benefits,
some with your health in mind, the others more commercial.

Much has and is being written on the subject of residual chlorine and its presence and effects in our water supply. Please do take a minute to read the Showering and Your Health section for a selection of notes on the subject.

"Filtering the water you shower in is as important or more so than filtering drinking water…" - Dr Julian Whitaker

Therapy Shower provides you a conscious alternative to what is generally available in shower equipment benefitting against some of the following;

Premature skin ageing, patchy dryness, itchiness, acne, irritation and an imbalance of natural healthy bacteria on the skin and scalp, dandruff caused by hair protein degeneration, cosmetic hair colour loss. It may also assist and asthmatic cases. Please also see 'showering in Vitamin C' in this benefits section.

Do you know our body absorbs more residual chlorine in the process of showering over drinking tap water?

Residual chlorine (cl) easily volatilizes during showering, diffuses in the air and is concentrated in a closed bathroom. Therefore the amount of chlorine absorbed through skin and respiratory organs during showering is 3 to 4 times greater than that absorbed by drinking water, indeed some studies have suggested that the concentration of chlorine absorbed and inhaled during one 5 minute shower might be equalled by drinking two gallons of tap water.

Test showing expansion of chlorine presence

Test showing Therapy Shower and its effects neutralising chlorine

How does Vitamin C help the appearance of skin?

Vitamin C has been clinically proven as being effective in treating skin disorders and hinders the ageing process of skin. It also helps in preventing dry and scaly skin and reducing the formation of fine lines, wrinkles, and prevents skin degeneration. Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is the most effective known antioxidant that fights free radicals.

Free radicals are responsible for the ageing of tissue. Research shows that applying vitamin C to the skin will stimulate the production of the protein called collagen, which is responsible for supporting skin structure. Collagen reproduction will replenish dead skin cells with new, resulting in younger, fresher, and smoother skin. You cannot ingest enough vitamin C through diet alone. Proportionately more can be absorbed through skin when showering.


As pores of skin are temporary opened during showering, Vitamin C and collagen are effectively supplied over the skin surface.

Therapy shower, is a new concept in shower design incorporating a unique magnet which destroys large water molecule clusters into smaller ones and eliminating hard water deposits. Entering the shower head the water molecule is forced through a newly invented shower plate the resultant water spray being a mass of negative ions – some 250,000 are emitted (50 times more than a waterfall) delivering a shower experience unequalled.

Negative ionsNegative ions

Whilst maintaining existing water pressure expect a significant reduction in water use (please see the video presentation below).

A water saving of some 47% has been evaluated in independent testing.

Test certificate PDF click here.

While significantly reducing water consumption, Therapy Shower also shows a sizeable percentage increase in water pressure. So, whether you already have good pressure or indeed your shower is somewhat apologetic, let Therapy Shower make it an experience you will want to repeat.

Independent Testing shows a massive increase in water pressure of 40%

Click here to see the independent results.

As well as eliminating 100% of residual chlorine and hard water deposits, Therapy Showers industry leading filtration system is also equipped with a replaceable micropad filter housed in the shower head to protect your skin by removing small particles and impurities such as scale and rust, enabling you to take a shower with cleanest purest of water.

Before / after

In independent testing an additional huge plus reported to us is the fact that seemingly using Therapy Shower has eliminated the needed for expensive and unhealthy - for ourselves through inhalation and that of the Eco system – shower cleaners. No more streaky walls and screens.

Aroma therapy

Among the multiple wonderful benefits of Therapy Shower is the additional release through vaporisation of Lavender Oil. Now your shower can become a haven to luxuriate and be at peace with your body and mind, balance your metabolism and mental state.

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