How it works...

Waters Therapy Shower has been developed to surpass ALL existing shower equipment available today.
This functional so easily installed unit delivers a showering experience like no other, using the very latest technology and understanding of the importance of showering in our everyday lives, our very well being.

Beautifying body and soul..

Waters Co is a multi award winning global company specialising is one invaluable product. WATER. Therapy Shower is a major technological advancement in shower filtration, catering to not only a better showering experience but as importantly in consideration of your very well being.

Therapy Shower eliminates 100% of harmful residual chlorine, as well as other contaminents like rust and limescale, ionising the water molecule, softening the water, creating some 50 times more negative ions than a natural waterfall.

Therapy Shower also provides additional beneficial ingredients through the process. The unique cartridge filtration system allows for the water to brush against the cartridge releasing and infusing it with Vitamin C, Collagen and Melaleuca Oil and releasing a therapy aroma of Lavender for the ultimate and purest showering experience. Add to this a significant (47%) reduction in water consumption and increase in water pressure (40%) and Therapy Shower becomes healthy for your skin and body in general as well as your pocket.

Simple to install (no expensive installation costs) Therapy Shower is managed simply by the replacement of a new cartridge every 10,000 litres of water.

How The Therapy Shower works

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